Seafood Pads/ Tray Liners

The Seafood Pads used as tray liners, they will absorb the melting ice and juices released quickly. With the good absorbency and retention of the Seafood Pads, the seafood won’t “swim” in the juice, this slows down microbial growth and enzymic change, and extend the shelf-life with the fresher condition.

Meanwhile, the liquid is absorbed and trapped inside the Seafood Pads, and prevent spillage and reduce odour. The appearance of the seafood can be ensured.

Seafood Pads are popular and necessary


Appearance: The meat no longer “swims” in juice – and therefore ensure fresh condition for fresh Seafood. The Seafood Pads also prevent Seafood spoilage in juice.

Smell: The juice is absorbed and retained in the middle layer of the Seafood Pads, so the acidic odor on opening the packaging will be much less noticeable.

Handling: Since the liquid is absorbed and retained in the pads, no juices leak out when the packaging is opened – for a visually appealing product and maximum handling convenience.


Get Personalized Seafood Pads

The popular color of the Seafood Pads is WHITE. Other customized colors are available as well. Meanehile, we should be pleased to STAMP CUSTOMERS’ NAME OR LOGO on the pads to make it more “Personalization”.  Our effective length is 121cm, available for more size options, and less waste.

Other Absorbent Pads

The Absorbent Pads are used for absorbing excess water excluded from all kinds of fresh foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meat etc.

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