Absorb "EXCESS" water

Meat Absorbent Pads

The design of the Meat Pads is very special, as the cover layer Leach resistant to avoid food contact with fluid and SAP layer. And it restrains bacterial growth, results in food safety and longer shelf life. Easier for consumers to handle the food. Our extra width 121cm laminated material makes more options of the sizes available with low margin.

Appearance: The meat no longer dipped in excess liquid, but won’t absorb the water inside the meat, chicken, and beef – and therefore looks much more appetizing. And it also effectively prevent bacterial and food spoilage in the excess liquid.

Handling: Since any liquid is absorbed by the pad, no juices leak out when the packaging is opened – for a visually appealing product and maximum handling convenience.

Help to keep Fresh

Serve fresh food

The Meat Pads can be designed according to the absorbency required

Customized Meat Pads

The Absorbent Meat Pads are made of 3 layers as PE/SAP AIRLAID/PE or PP NONWOVEN/SAP AIRLAID/PE. It is available to make as the customers’ required material, color & size or design the pads according to the absorbency required. 

Different surface of Absorbent Pads

The cover layer can be PE or PP nonwoven as required. And the middle layer is also adjustable.

Happy Hours, our Products help to have Clean envirement & Fresh foods

Other Absorbent Pads

The Absorbent Pads are used for absorbing excess water excluded from all kinds of fresh foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meat etc.

Fruit Pads
Seafood Pads
Biodegradable Pads
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