Fruit pads

"Food Pads for
soft fruit & Berries

The cushioned Fruit Pad is rather soft, it provides the ultimate protection for soft fruit and berries. Without being bruised during the transportation, less juice let out. The presentation can be ensured, and the shelf-life is improved.  

Meanwhile, even some juice from the fruit, it can be absorbed completely, avoid from corresponding fungal growth, and won’t influence other fruits inside.

The embossing design will minimize the contact with fruits, and prevent the fruits from moving inside the tray.

The colors are available to be customized. More materials for choosing. And the configurations can be tailor made, or with customer’s logo.

Customized colors, more choices materials, and customers' logo will make your Fruit Pads special, and with good functions at the same time

Why use Fruit Pads

Fresh Guard


  • Air Cushioned pad prevents being bruised 
  • Absorbency absorbs the juice let out, decreases rotten, and increases shelf-life 
  • Reduces wastage 
  • Choices of colours available 
  • Any size, shape or configuration, and customers’ logo or name available on Pads

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