Compressed Tissue / Coin Tissue

The Compressed Tissue (Tablet towel, Coin Tissue) will expand into full size when water is added. It is made of 100% natural fibers, safe for skin. And during the production, it is completely chemical-free, with no additive or substance. The size of the towel, the completed size, or even the shape can be customized, made as customers’ required. 

Extremely soft when the Compressed Tissue is expanded, give your skin lovely touch.

Individual packing, clean and easy for carrying 

The Compressed Tissue will “grow” in water, no additive is required

Suggested usage of the Compressed Tissue Coin Tissue
or Tablet Towel

  • Small size Compressed Tissue as Napkin in restaurants, or face towel anywhere, any places
  • Big size Compressed towel of bath-size for hotel using, the laundry cost can be saved and no the lost of loosing
  • D.I.Y. mask in beauty salons or at home
  • Special shape can be designed as promotion gift


Various packing: the packing of the Compressed Tissues is customized, it can be Bulk without packing, Candy Wrapped, 
Tablet Packed,
or in a P
lastic Tube.

Candy Wrapped Compressed Tissue
Tablet Packed Compressed Tissue
Plastic Tube packed Compressed Tissue

Cleaning Wipes

OEM wipes of Foodservice Wipes, Industrial Wipes for polishing and oil cleaning, Compressed Magic Tissues, 

and Microfiber Nonwoven Disposable Wipes

Available for Commercial and also Daily Household cleaning

Foodservice Wipes

Colorful Foodservice Wipes:
Use different color to tell out the using site of the foodservice wipes.

Industrial Wipes

Industrial Wipes:
Available to use different composition with required functions for cleanings

Microfiber Disposable Wipes

Microfiber Wipes:
Super soft delux wipes, very fit for hospital, and office, electronic appliance cleaning

Absorbent Pads

Meat Pads, absorb excess juice from the meat, beef & chicken,
slow down microbial growth and
extend shelf life
Seafood Pads, absorb excess juice from Seafood ,
slow down microbial growth and
extend shelf life
Fruit Pads, absorb excess juice from the fruits,
slow down microbial growth and
extend shelf life
Biodegradable Pads, absorb excess juice from the fresh foods,
slow down microbial growth and
extend shelf life