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About Us.

Fresh foods require cleaning envirement for processing and selling, and also need clean and dry “envirement” inside packing!

As a professional supplier of series Absorbent Pads as Meat pads, Fish pads, Fruit pads and Biodegradable pads & Commercial wipes as foodservice wipes, Workshop wipes, Compressed Tissues, Microfiber disposable wipes. Zhenjiang Nacre is your solution for the absorbent pads (Tray Liners) and Cleaning products.


Our Absorbent Pads cover a broad range for fresh food packing, as meat, beef, chicken, seafood, fruit, berries and Cheese, Sushi and so on. The size and absorbency of the Pads can be customized. And the Compostable Biodegradable pads are available as well.


And our Cleaning wipes range from Multipurpose Cleaning wipes, as Foodservice wipes, Workshop wipes, Air laid Napkin, to Compressed Magic Tissues (towels). 


Love Life & Enjoy Health Life  Our products help to have LONG SHELF LIFE for fresh foods and complete cleaning and a safe environment. 


Our COMMERCIAL using Absorbent Pads and Cleaning wipes and are also fit for household using. We provide OEM & ODM services. Only virgin and ECO-friendly raw materials will be used to make our Absorbent Pads and Cleaning Wipes. Biodegradable materials are available as well for both the Absorbent pads and Cleaning products.  

A Few Words About Us

Established in 2007, we’ve been serving Cleaning Wipes and Absorbent pads to customers in China and overseas. To ensure the quality and delivery time, and serve our customers better, we set up our own manufacture. OEM and ODM Absorbent Pads and Cleaning wipes and more tailor made customized products are available. Please do feel free to contact with us for your individual inquiry.

Absorbent Pads

Absorbent Pads can help to keep the “DRY” envirement inside the packing tray. Then the SHELF LIFE will be lengthed. It absorb the EXTRA liquid let out from the fresh food, but do not absorb the liquid inside the food actively. So that the food packed with absorbent pad still FRESH & JUICY.

Cleaning Wipes

Food processing and selling requires cleaning envirement. To avoid 2nd pollution, the disposable Foodservice wipes are strongly suggested. Size and perforation and the packing are customized

Workshop wipes are used for heavy oil cleaning in the workshop and car repairing, maintance etc.

Compressed Tissues are perfect for restaurant guest towel, 0 substance, 0 additive, but NO NEED to worry about  Bacteria.

Our Absorbent Pads

The Absorbent Pads are used for absorbing excess water excluded from all kinds of fresh foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meat etc.

Fruit Absorbent

Meat Absorbent

Seafood Absorbent Pad

Biodegradable Absorbent Pad

cleaning Wipes

OEM wipes of Foodservice Wipes, Workshop Wipes for polishing and oil cleaning, Compressed Magic Tissues, 

and Microfiber Nonwoven Disposable Wipes

Available for Commercial and also Daily Household cleaning.

Foodservice Wipes

Workshop Wipes

Compressed Tissue

Microfiber Nonwoven Wipes