Absorbent pads
Fresh food packing

Our Absorbent Pads help to have LONG SHELF LIFE for fresh foods. Packed with Meat Pads, Fruit Pads and Seafood Pads, the food will no more dipped inside the liquid let out from the fresh food. This will help it from spoilage in its own juice.

Zhenjiang NACRE pays attention to the foodservice and commercial cleaning wipes, such as food service wipes, Industrial Wipes, Compressed Wipes, Microfiber wipes, and Absorbent Pads for fresh food packing, such as Meat Pads, Seafood Pads, Fruit Pads and Biodegradable Pads.

With more than 20 years of exporting experience, we set up our own manufacture. Then, we can react to our customers’ requirements as soon as possible. And with the support of our experience, we know better the customers and are able to bridge our products to the customers.

Our unique ultrasonic lamination equipment with the top technique in the line. Even the thin material PE film can be laminated well. and our effective width can be 120cm. This makes more versions of the pads available with a low margin. The waste is less and the cost is lower. 

OEM and ODM products are available. Advise us of your requirements and usage, we should be pleased to supply the solution of cleaning & packing.  

We ensure every process in production is strictly controlled. Your requirements and comments will help us advance ourselves, and to be better.



Our Absorbent Pads

The Absorbent Pads are used for absorbing excess water excluded from all kinds of fresh foods such as chicken, fish, fruit, vegetable and pork & beef meat etc.

Fruit Pads
Meat Pads
Seafood Pads
Biodegradable Pads
commercial using cleaning wipes

cleaning wipes for food service, supermarkets and commercial using

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Our Absorbent Pads and Cleaning wipes are Chemical-Free

Fresh & Safe

Our products help to heve longer Shelf life, Fresh & Safe


Our materials are

Places used for our cleaning wipes

Foodservice Wipes
Colorful Foodservice Wipes:
Use different color to tell out the using site of the foodservice wipes.
Industrial Wipes
Industrial Wipes:
Available to use different composition with required functions for cleanings
Compressed Tissues
Compressed Tissue:
Can be used in restaurants, or travelling for refreshing, NO additives, NO substance
Microfiber Disposable Wipes
Microfiber Wipes:
Super soft delux wipes, very fit for hospital, and office, electronic appliance cleaning

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